Privacy Policy

​The Privacy Policy

Türkiye İş Bankası shows special consideration in ensuring the safety and privacy of the information belonging to our customers. This matter is a legal obligation of our Bank in accordance with the relevant legislation as well as it is a priority of our Bank's sensitivity of the issue. In the scope of our approach in showing the utmost care to protect our customers’ information and to act in accordance with the relevant legislation; our bank prepared detailed regulations on this issue and accepted the principle to protect our customer information throughout all of our practices. In addition to that, we prepared procedures to ensure that all of our employees demonstrate the highest level of sensitivity in this matter.
The personal data saved by automated or non-automated means and/ or shared electronically by our website visitors will be used primarily to fulfill their demands, and later on to provide them better online and banking services. Also, in accordance with the Privacy Policy of our bank, we show due diligence in protection and safety of your personal data.
Information including personal data belonging to our customers is not shared in any way or form with third parties without customers’ consent, except for the cases where legal entities or regulatory authorities demand access to these information according to relevant legislation.
Our Bank ensures that our supporting services’ providers do always abide by our Bank’s privacy standards and requirements.
Accordingly, it is our basic approach to protect all information belonging to the Bank and to our customers from unauthorized access, false use and alteration, corrosion and destruction; ensure the privacy, integrity and availability of the information.
This policy covers the information shared on this website and via other channels of our Bank; meaning privacy policies, ethical principles and terms of use of the websites we have given links to and of other websites will be in force. Therefore, our Bank is not responsible for the financial/emotional damages suffered in these websites.
When you share your personal information (address, phone, fax, e-mail etc.) with our Bank, this will only be used for fulfilling the services that you demanded, communicating (regarding operation and maintenance services) and renewing you contracts. Your data will not be shared with third parties unless you have given your consent for data sharing. However our bank may be obliged to share information with some third parties even without obtaining your consent when it is mandatory by law.  We may communicate with you for marketing and promotion of banking, insurance and financing product and services if  you are in our approved data base. You have a right of withdrawing your approval when you do not want to receive e-communications of our Bank. You will be released from our list of related channel by, for example, clicking the link “Please click here if you do not wish to receive any e-mail from our Bank regarding promotion of new product or services.” you may find at the bottom of an e-mail.


In this Policy, “personal data” means any information or bits of information that makes you identified or identifiable.
Our bank undertakes to act in accordance with the following principles about obtaining, saving, preserving, conserving, altering, re-arranging, disclosing, disposing or any other processing of your personal data.
Your personal data will always be processed truthfully, according to law and in good faith.
Your personal data may be processed and/or transferred to third parties if you give your consent or in other cases stipulated in legislation.
Your personal data will be processed for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes.
Your personal data will be collected in relevance and limited to aforesaid purposes and processed moderately.
You will have the opportunity to update your personal data when necessary.
Your personal data will be conserved only for the period necessary for the purpose of the process.


Personal Data

We may collect and process personal data by two different ways. You may share your data voluntarily with us or we may collect some of your data automatically through our online services. It is ensured that we are using your personal data in accordance with the purpose of collecting such data.
For example we may use your personal data for purposes enlisted below:

• When you register to our website, we may obtain your personal data via the forms on our website (i.e.; name-surname, e-mail, contact information, birthday etc.) and provide the requested services or send e-bulletin, information regarding marketing etc. bulletins if you have given your consent previously;

•Your personal data may be processed for market research, planning and statistical analysis if you have given your consent previously.

•We may process your personal data to ensure the safety of other users and our website.

Data Obtained from Other Sources

We may obtain your personal data from other sources if you previously gave your consent to such sources for the transfer of your personal data. Such data may be obtained from commercially existing sources such as public data bases and data loggers or from third parties. We may obtain information from such sources about your lifestyle preferences, your name, address, age, shopping habits, hobbies and areas of interest and, as long as legislation allows, public information such as content created by the user, blogs and posts.

Transfer of Your Personal Data

Your personal data will not be shared with third parties without your consent, unless it is mentioned in this Privacy Policy or in legislation.
We may share your personal data with third parties which provide support services for us (for example; data processors, hosting service providers, website operators, data analyzers, outsourced customer services firms or payment managers etc.). Third party service providers may be given access to our customers’ personal data when it is required to fulfill the service in question. They will keep such data confidential and use it only for providing their services under supervision and on behalf of our Bank and not for any other commercial or non-commercial purposes.
However our Bank is free to share with third parties non-personalized and/ or anonymized data, such as number of visits to our website in a determined period of time, without any limitation.

Retention Period of Data

İş Bankası will preserve your personal data in a secure and conserved environment as long as it is necessary for fulfilling the reason for obtaining the data in the first place or as long as the period specified in the legislation.

Security of Personal Data

İş Bankası provides all necessary and reasonable protection for preserving the privacy, safety and integrity of your personal data. We work hard and take all necessary measures to protect your personal data from any loss, misuse or alteration.
We generally preserve your personal data in data bases of İş Bankası or data bases provided by our service providers.
Contractual associates of İş Bankası which have access to your information to provide you the necessary service are under the obligation of keeping these information confidential and not using for any other purposes in scope of conventional obligation.

Safety of information and integrity of data

All technical and reasonable measures are taken to protect your personal data against accidental or illegal destruction, loss, alteration, all illegal and unauthorized misuse that may occur during data transfer over network, disclosure and access and other procedures and abuses.

Personal data and children

Our website services are not designed for children. In addition to that, we don’t collect personal data of children intentionally through any of our websites unless otherwise is allowed and/ or mandated by legislation.

Modification in Our Privacy Policy

Our Bank reserves it’s right to modify this Privacy Policy in order to comply with the most updated version of the data protection law, without a prior notice to its customers or visitors. It is submitted that, such a revision on our privacy policy will be announced on our website as soon as possible. This policy has been last changed on 27.09.2016

Your Rights

Everyone has the right to know whether their personal data is processed or not and request information if their data is processed. Besides that, they may demand to learn the purpose of processing and whether the data is processed accordingly.  They may ask the identities of the parties that their data is transferred to; request correction if their personal data is imperfect or wrong and demand deletion or destruction of their personal data in accordance with the legislation. They may object to any kind of negative results that may occur after an analyze of their data by wholly automated systems and request indemnification in the case of suffering a damage due to processing of their personal data against the data protection legislation. However, İŞ BANKASI reserve its legitimate right to reject unreasonably repeated or technically disproportionate requests and/ or requests which are extremely difficult to meet or which risks other peoples’ privacy.

Institution Information

General Directorate Address: İş Kuleleri 34330 Levent Beşiktaş-İstanbul

Phone: 90(212) 316 00 00
Fax: 90(212) 316 09 00

Hosting Provider

Türkiye İş Bankası A.Ş.

Authorized Auditing Body

Bankacılık Düzenleme ve Denetleme Kurumu (BDDK)

Postal Address: Bankacılık Düzenleme ve Denetleme Kurumu Atatürk Bulvarı No:191 B Blok 06680 Kavaklıdere/Ankara

Phone: (312) 455 65 00
Fax: (312) 424 08 79

Cookie Policy

Date of update: 27.09.2016

What are cookies?

Nowadays nearly all websites use cookies. Like most websites, İş Bankası also uses cookies to provide you a better, faster and safer experience.
Cookies are a kind of file of recognition left on computer by any website. It ensures recognition of computer when the website is visited again.
Cookies help remembering the information about your visit to website (such as, your language preference and other settings). It may make your next visit convenient and the website more functional.

Cookie use of İş Bankası

By visiting you accept the cookies necessary to use the website be placed in your device.
İş Bankası uses the information obtained by cookies in accordance with the Bank’s Privacy Policy.
If you do not wish cookies to be placed in your device, you may refuse the use of cookies at your browser settings or preferences. In this case you may not be able to use some areas of
İş Bankası may alter this Cookie Policy if it considers it to be necessary. In cases where the Cookie Policy is altered, it will be effective as the date of update which may be found on top of this page. We recommend you to examine the Cookie Policy at certain times and obtain information about cookie usage.

İş Bankası uses 4 kinds of cookies:

Absolutely necessary cookiesAnonymous cookies which allow visitors to cruise on use their features to access safe areas. Information obtained by these cookies are not used for marketing purposes. Some areas cannot be used if these cookies are not allowed.
Performance cookiesThese are anonymous cookies which help improving the website of the Bank. These cookies obtain information about how the visitors use and are used to detect the most visited websites or errors received. An example of this kind is Web Analytics cookies. Information obtained by these cookies cannot be used for marketing purposes and shared with third parties.
Functionality cookies"Anonymous cookies which allows İş Bankası to remember visitor characteristic and preferences. With this information may show visitors content related to this information. In case these cookies are not allowed;
• Some parts of may not be used,
• Level of support provides may be lowered,
• It may cause to not remember your preferences, use or show a feature special for you. It prevents your preferences to be remembered. "
Target cookies or advertisement cookiesThese cookies are generally placed by ad network of  within the knowledge of the Bank. Purposes of cookies in mention are as follows;
• Showing relevant and personalized advertisement
• Limiting the number of advertisement
• Measuring the effectivity of publicity campaign
• Remembering your preferences of visit