Corporate Banking

Opening an account

The branch serves the so-called "accredited investors" as defined in the Rulebook of the Central Bank of Bahrain. Hence, large Corporates and High Net-Worth Individuals are the targeted group of clients for its services.

To on-board an entity as a client; the candidate must meet at least one of the criteria mentioned below:
• Individuals holding financial assets (either singly or jointly with their spouse) of USD 1,000,000 or more;
• Companies, partnerships, trusts or other commercial undertakings, which have financial assets available for investment of not less than USD 1,000,000; or
• Governments, supranational organisations, central banks or other national monetary authorities, and state organisations whose main activity is to invest in financial instruments (such as state pension funds).
• And retail investors who voluntarily elect to be treated as an accredited investor who cannot benefit from the specific protections granted to retail investors.

On the other hand, for the branch to be able to undertake transactions denominated in Bahraini Dinar and/or with a resident of the Kingdom of Bahrain, these transactions must be "wholesale" in nature. Wholesale transactions are defined in terms of transaction size (broadly, BD 7 million or more for a credit or deposit transaction, and US$ 100,000 or more for an investment transaction).

The remittances through these accounts, are subject to the tariff of fees and commissions of the branch.

For opening an account;

The required information

• The entity's full name and other trading names used,
• Registration number (or equivalent),
• Legal form and proof of existence,
• Registered address and trading address (where applicable),
• Type of business activity,
• Date and place of incorporation or establishment,
• Telephone, fax number and email address,
• Regulatory body or listing body (for regulated activities such as financial services and listed companies),
• The names of the relevant persons having a senior management position in the legal entity or legal arrangement,
• Name of external auditor (where applicable),
• Type of account, and nature and volume of anticipated business dealings with the conventional bank licensee,
• Signature(s) of the authorised representative(s), and
• Source of funds.

The required documents

The certified copies of the following documents, as applicable (depending on the legal form of the entity):

• Certificate of incorporation and/or certificate of commercial registration or trust deed,
• Memorandum of association,
• Articles of association,
• Partnership agreement,
• Board resolution seeking the banking services (only necessary in the case of private or unlisted companies),
• Identification documentation of the authorised signatories to the account (certification not necessary for companies listed in a GCC/FATF state),
• Copy of the latest financial report and accounts, audited where possible (audited copies do not need to be certified), and
• List of authorised signatories of the company for the account and a Board resolution (or other applicable document) authorising the named signatories or their agent to operate the account (resolution only necessary for private or unlisted companies).

For more information on opening an account or on the tariff of fees and commissions of the branch, please send an email to or call +973 17 549 212.

Demand Deposit

This service is provided only to those who have time deposit or loan accounts with the branch.

Time Deposit

The minimum transaction values in three major currencies, set for time deposit accounts are shown below. Please send an email to or call  +973 17 549 212 for the current interest rates or for further information.

TRY 250.000.-

EUR 250.000.-

USD 250.000.-

Investment Account

Unfortunately, the branch does not provide service in this category yet.

Commercial and Investment Loans

For information, please send an email to or call +973 17 549 212.

Trade Finance

For information, please send an email to or call +973 17 549 212.

Foreign Exchange

For information, please send an email to or call +973 17 549 212.

Multinational Banking

İşbank supports Multinational Companies in line with its identity being a solution partner. Thanks to its know-how working with foreign capital companies, with its presence in 11 foreign countries, its extensive domestic branch network and customer base and its innovative solutions as a leading bank in digitalization age, İşbank is prefered by many Multinational Companies.

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